Redemptive Relationships

Jayson Byrd   -  

A few times this summer we’re taking a break from our Summer Sunday School Classes/Seminars to encourage everyone to take steps in building a “Redemptive Relationship.”

What are Redemptive Relationships?

Redemptive relationships are a time set aside for us as a church to be intentional and deliberate in a relationship with redemptive intentions.

We’re encouraging everyone in the LCC family to make time for:

  • Building a relationship with a friend or neighbor for the purpose of having a Gospel conversation


  • Getting to know someone at the church that’s not a normal part of your “bubble” to grow in Christian fellowship.

Ideas/Options to consider:

  • Go to lunch/brunch (or invite someone over) with someone you don’t know.
  • Invite a family to meet your family at the boardwalk or beach in the afternoon or evening.

Conversations Starters:

  • How long have you been coming to LCC?
  • When did you become a Christian?
  • What’s something we can pray with you about?

May God use these relationships to foster Gospel Conversations and Gospel Fellowship for His Glory!