What We Believe

Linwood is a Bible-based, gospel-driven church.

We are a people created by and united around truth. We believe the Bible is the final authority for faith and practice. Throughout the Church age, from the Apostles to today, Christians have sought to articulate their beliefs in definitive statements. The Bible, however, as the Word of God, is to be the final and only authority in all matters of faith and practice.

Our beliefs are summed up in our core commitments and are explained in more detail in our doctrinal statement. The articles of faith in our constitution form the basic doctrines of the Bible we as a church believe and teach. Where the statement is silent we generally refer and adhere to the historical orthodox Christian confessions.

We hold to the verbal inspiration, inerrancy, and sufficiency of the Scripture. We are conservative evangelical and baptistic in polity.

What We Believe


We are a congregation of people who are submitted to the truth & authority of the Bible (1 Tim 3:16).


This means we’re more concerned with pleasing God than pleasing people or keeping up human religious traditions. We believe that every Bible story has God as the ultimate hero and not humans (1 Corinthians 10:31).


We see and teach the good news of Jesus’ substitutionary death and resurrection for sinners as the central message of the Bible (1 Cor 15:1-3).

Constitution & Doctrinal Statement

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