Lessons from Esther

Jayson Byrd   -  

As we’ve walked through the 10 chapters in Esther these are some summary lessons and principles we’ve learned.

  1. God is in control and keeps his promises even amid the political superpowers of this world.
  2. When it seems like the empires of men are unstoppable, God is still there; he keeps his promises to his people. He remains LORD.
  3. When the empires of men boast in their power – God is advancing His Kingdom.
  4. God Doesn’t Give up on His People
    • No Matter What Obstacle is in front of them.
    • Even when they are disobedient.
    • Even when they are not where he wants them to be.
    • Even when they are living worldly.
    • Even when their motives are mixed.
  5. God’s people follow Him, even when they don’t know the end of the story.
  6. God’s providence is even in the smallest of details of your life.
  7. God is the “reverser” of destinies.
  8. This story is part of a bigger story. It tells how God keeps his promise to Abraham that from his people would come the Messiah and through the Anointed one, Israel would be a blessing to all nations. 

  9. Christians should read Esther not as just a story about the Jews, but as part of our heritage too. If this had not happened, there would be no fulfillment in Christ, no Gospel, and no New Testament church.  

  10. God calls us to celebrate our deliverance. The great reversal from death to life, from condemnation to glory.