R3::Heart Conference

September 25 - 29 2023  |  Linwood Community Church

1838 Shore Road, Linwood, NJ, USA

Heart Conference is a time for us to be renewed in our hearts toward our heart for the Lord and toward our purpose in our community.

It’s a week of special meetings focused on personal revival and outreach activities. We believe that the deeper we go into a Gospel-centered life, the wider we’ll want the Gospel spread. The Coffey Team will lead us, providing special music, preaching relevant Biblical sermons, and ministering to our children and teenagers.

  1. Renew our hearts.
  2. Relaunch our fall ministry programs.
  3. Reach out to friends and community members.

    The events and schedule include: 

    Sunday, September 24th – Invite Your One Sunday! Who’s Your One?
    • 9:30 AM Special Sunday Class with Aaron Coffey (combined adult classes)
    • 10:45 AM Worship Service with the Coffey Ministries
    • 6:30 PM Teen Event–Dodgeball Tournament!

    Monday, September 25th-Renewal and Revival Service (6:30 PM)

    Tuesday, September 26th-Ladies Chocolate Cafe’ (6:30 PM)

    Wednesday, September 27th-Family Fun Night (6:30 PM)

    Thursday, September 28th-Irish Concert